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Angel Wings Necklace

Angel Wings Necklace

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Carrie Bradshaw like necklace from the TV Show, And Just Like That

ITEM DETAILS: Angel Gold Necklace 

Pendant: 18K Gold Plated Pendant 


Rhodium chain offers elegance and durability, but they differ in composition and appearance compared to silver. A rhodium chain is a precious metal known for its dazzling white finish and exceptional resistance to tarnish. Rhodium chains offer a modern, brilliant aesthetic and superior protection against discoloration, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a pristine, contemporary look.

14K Gold Filled chains do not tarnish and are water/sweat resistant.

Chain Sizes: 22”

Chain Options: Rhodium Box Chain

Listing is for one necklace. Layered necklace photos are for inspiration only. Check out our other designs to create a layered look.

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